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Chalupka Receives Charlotte Brody Award for Work in Environmental Health

The Health Care Without Harm Nurses Work Group, in conjunction with The Luminary Project, has named Stephanie Chalupka (Nursing) as the 2012 Recipient of the Charlotte Brody Award.

“Dr. Chalupka’s life work embodies the spirit of the Charlotte Brody Award,” stated Kelli Barber, RN, MN, co-chair of the Nurses Work Group for Health Care Without Harm. “Her work in the field of environmental health spans two decades and includes addressing sustainability in the healthcare setting, educating the public on hazardous environmental exposures, and integrating environmental health concepts into nursing education. The positive impacts of her work are far-reaching – influencing public health policy and promoting the role of nurses in the field of environmental health through the presentation of research. Dr. Chalupka is a phenomenal role model, empowering and leading the nursing commitment to improving environmental health.”

Speaking from Denver where she is attending CleanMed 2012, and where she will receive the award, Chalupka said the recognition is an honor and important to her work with her WSU students. “Through the integration of environmental health into our nurse educators curriculum, we are shaping the next generation of nurses who will think more holistically about the broader determinants of health,” she said.

Examples of some of her latest research includes the following: