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Darrow Publishes Book about Hearing Loss Treatment Options

Keith Darrow (Communication Sciences and Disorders) has recently published a book, “Stop Living in Isolation.” The book quickly became an Amazon bestseller within health-related genres.

According to studies from Johns Hopkins and the National Institute of Aging, hearing loss can increase the risk of developing dementia by 200 to 500%. A recent study from the Lancet medical journal has indicated that the treatment of hearing loss is the single most effective modifiable factor for preventing dementia.

The book covers more than 20 of the most common questions Darrow receives as a clinician managing patients with hearing loss, giving detailed answers to questions such as:

Darrow’s expertise is in speech and hearing bioscience and technology. He has a doctoral degree from the joint Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School program.

He is a former clinical professor at Northeastern University and his experience includes a clinical fellowship at the Department of Otolaryngology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. He is the owner of the Hearing and Balance Centers of New England and founder of the Healthy Hearing Foundation of New England, as well as a board member of the Sound of Life Foundation, both nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing education and hearing health care for those in need.