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Mahadev Co-Presents Workshop on Supplemental Instruction

Aparna Mahadev (Computer Science) presented an hour-long workshop (along with three other presenters)  in the 2013 Step to Success conference held at Mass Bay Community College on April 12, 2013. The topic of the workshop was “Supplementary Instruction to Increase Success in Computing/STEM.”

In this workshop, Mahadev talked about the elements of supplemental instruction as a promising intervention to increase pass rates and grades, models for its implementation and  assessment. WSU, in a partnership with UMass Amherst as part of a National Science Foundation grant, has been providing supplemental instruction for the past years to students enrolled in CS 101 – Basics of Computer Science and CS 140 – Introduction to Programming.

She discussed how supplemental instruction helps build a community of active learners in her department and the evidence of its impact in gateway computing courses at WSU.