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WSU Secures Largest Vision Project Performance Grant

Worcester State University has secured a $233,417 Vision Project Performance Grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It was the largest grant awarded under the Vision Project initiative. The grant will fund the WSU project, “The Most Important Person on Campus: Data-Driven Collaborative Approaches to Improve Advising, Retention and College Completion of At-Risk Students,”

“I applaud the team that put this student-centered proposal together,” said WSU President Barry Maloney. “The student truly is the most important person on our campus and we are committed to doing everything we can to ensure their success.” The proposal WSU submitted was tied to the university’s strategic plan and builds on current retention efforts already underway. “This Vision Performance Incentive grant will make a very real difference to our students,” said Maloney. The WSU team that worked on crafting the proposal includes: Sharon S. McDonald, Bonnie Orcutt, Mary Jo Marion, Marcela Uribe Jennings, Maureen Shamgochian, Linda Crocker, Patricia Marshall, Jayne McGinn, Andrea Bilics, Elaine Tateronis, Lori Dawson, Carol Lerch, Julie Kazarian, Sibyl Brownlee, Robin Quill and Charles Cullum.

This award from the Vision Performance Incentive Fund will provide the resources to support activities that will improve readiness programs; expand retention and advising and create high-impact practices that align academics with “real-world” employment, such as:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Board of Higher Education endorsed the Vision Project in order to produce the best-educated citizenry and workforce in the nation. It focuses on five key areas: college preparation, college completion, student learning, workforce alignment and elimination of disparities. The Vision Project states:

“Massachusetts is engaged in a fierce competition with other states and nations for talent, investment and jobs. The state’s primary assets in this competition are the overall educational level of our people and our workforce and the inventiveness and competence of the creative individuals and organizational leaders who drive our innovation-dependent, knowledge-based economy.”